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Welcome, and thank you for stopping by my virtual home! You are more than a visitor here; stay a while and take a look around! I talk about my connection to places, in hopes that it might push me out of my own comfort zone and inspire you to do the same. The attempt sometimes manifests itself as stomping through the woods in my backyard, and other times as visiting a new city to try the weirdest ice cream I can find. At Head Along with Heart, you will only ever see my photos, because I believe in real, honest connection with a basis in reality. This is MY reality: the places I have walked, the places I have loved, and the place I call home. I'm always sharing new experiences, tips, and stories from my adventures, but I love to hear your stories, too! Feel free to tell your tales, ask questions, and hit me with your best wisdom! The door is always open here; what's mine is yours.

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It’s me, Michelle!

Hello, friends! I am Michelle—a fun loving twentysomething based in metro Atlanta. I am always on the lookout for good parks, good food, and new places, and sharing with you what I discover along the way.