Hello and welcome! I am Michelle and I am the mastermind behind Head Along with Heart!

That’s right, I said “mastermind.” This is really me overcompensating for the fact that I am sparkly new to the blogging community and I want to sound like I know what I’m doing!

In reality, I’m a twentysomething based in metro Atlanta who wants to experience the world. I love mountains, I get excited about airports, and “adventure” is my favorite word. I tend to let my heart speak before my head can catch up, but I try to approach life and travel with rationality balanced by passion and zeal! Traveling is always the first thing on my mind, but I’m a regular joe with a day job. This means that most of my trips these days are short and domestic. Hopefully I will grace this blog with some international travel here and there, but for now, I’m trying to see ALL of the United States, one weekend at a time!

Thank you for checking me out, and please stay a while! We can journey together on this new blogging adventure!