This week I’m bringing you somewhat of a life update. And notice right off the bat that I said “this week,” when in reality, I’ve been posting only every other Monday lately. If you only check in every now and then, you may have not noticed, but I have been posting much less for the past month or so than I did at the beginning. This is my website and I do what I want, so I don’t really have to justify it, but I will anyway…because I want to.

I got a job.

I got a ridiculous job with a ridiculous training program that has a pretty low success rate, so I’ve been putting a lot of energy into that. This means that not only is my new job my number one priority right now, but sleep has become a close second. News flash, I really like sleeping. Really, really. For the first few weeks of work, I had homework, and I was so exhausted from suddenly being thrown back into a routine schedule that I was going to sleep super early every night and taking luxurious naps on weekends.

Because—if you remember from my very first blog post ever in the history of my blog—I quit my old job back in April. I threw in the towel. I said byeeeee to that place and walked out the door into the great unknown…which I like to call “unemployment.”

If you missed my debut, here it is!

What’s My Next Move?


I stumbled through some posts about my trip to Denver, Colorado in May…a trip to which I still connect some bitter memories, but was fun nonetheless. I would love to go back to Rocky Mountain National Park in the summertime in order to do more hiking and driving, but upon further deliberation I am so glad I was able to see the park before winter had completely said goodbye! Getting to see the snow was definitely a treat.

Among the Misty Mountains at Rocky Mountain National Park


I was living out unemployment at its best for the whole month of May. At the beginning of the month, I traveled to the Pacific Northwest to visit one of my best friends (who has since moved MUCH closer to me) and we frolicked around Portland and Seattle for about a week…when you close your eyes and picture people holding hands and skipping through fields of flowers when you hear the word “frolic”….that’s pretty much accurate.

We also stopped in between Portland and Seattle on our road trip north at Mount Rainier National Park. On our day at a park known for beautiful mountain vistas, it was rainy…and snowy…and foggy. Miraculously, this didn’t phase me at all, and I just shifted my excitement onto the things that weren’t blurred by fog. Like the trees. So many quirky and beautiful trees, you guys! The trees at Mount Rainier are something that I probably would have spent less time oohing and ahhing over, had the weather been better. In a weird way, the rain forced us to focus on the little things.

Keeping it Weird in Portland, Oregon


Everyone Should Try Portland Brewcycle


A Day in Mount Rainier National Park


A Lazy Day in Seattle, Washington


Later that same month, another friend and I took a spontaneous road trip to Chicago. It was something we had talked about doing for a long time, and we stayed with family to keep the cost down. This way, we were able to indulge in all the tourism that Chicago has to offer, including attending a ball game a Wrigley Field!

Two Days in the Windy City: Chicago, Illinois


The day after we returned from Chicago, I had my first interview for my new job. Travel slowed down a bit in June, and I was spending a lot of time running around trying to fulfill all the needs for my background check. I did, however, visit a friend in Savannah, where we happened upon Wings of Joy, an organization that takes in unwanted exotic birds and takes them on field trips to schools and retirement homes, where they are used as therapy animals. It was truly a coincidence that we came across this woman with her array of colorful birds, and it made for an entertaining afternoon.

Spreading Wings of Joy in Savannah, Georgia


In July, I was finally hired for my job, and it has been slowly consuming me ever since. I quickly got wrapped up in learning how to function in a brand new career. The training program lasts a few months, so it will still be a while before I am released to be a fully-fledged and reliable member of the team. I also have it in the back of my head that there’s a chance that I won’t survive training. So far, I have performed well, but you never know if it will be the next step in the process that causes me to falter.

I keep talking about how I feel like I’m stuck in this perpetual transition phase of life (sorry for beating a dead horse with this), but I don’t want to make too many big decisions before I know whether or not this career is truly for me. There is still so much that I don’t know, and so I’ll stay in limbo until I feel more comfortable moving forward with life in general. I can hesitantly say that I’m excited about what the future may hold, and I feel really good about my current trajectory.

So, what about the blog? The blog will endure, but I’m going to stick with posting every other Monday until further notice. As I previously stated, my job is my top priority right now, and once I have settled in a little more (and feel confident that I will be with the agency long term) I’ll start to write more. I’ve already started to strategize my vacation days for next year and I can’t wait to share my plans once they are official!

For now, I’m working on some content about my home state of Georgia—a state that I often take for granted. I also will be putting together a post or two about an international trip that I took a few years ago, similar to my post about the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas that I shared in July. I had a lot of fun writing about the Bahamas and hope that you guys enjoyed reading it!

A Totally Honest Guide to Eleuthera Island,  The Bahamas


Thank you for sticking around, and I’ll see you again in two weeks!

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