Are any of you guys really into the music scene? No? Me either. I’m one of those people where I have to hear from others about what is going on in the music industry. I even went through a phase once where I didn’t listen to music in the car…you’re allowed to judge me a little bit for that. But only a little!

So I didn’t know about this naturally occurring rock formation that happens to house the world’s coolest stage until I saw it in a music video. Yes, it was Mumford and Sons. I also didn’t think about the fact that, even though summer comes in February in Atlanta, everyone else has to wait until June (when summer is ACTUALLY supposed to start), so they don’t book shows at the amphitheater until later in the year. I looked into this after I had purchased plane tickets, because I didn’t even think about the venue when I planned the trip. There was not an event at the amphitheater the weekend we were in Denver, but we visited it anyway, because why not?

Red Rocks is actually a park as well as a concert venue, so it is always open for visitors (but closes early on nights there are shows). There are all kinds of hiking trails, and the amphitheater itself is a fantastic place to run bleachers! Yikes. It also is home to some really interesting geological features, if that’s your thing. One prominent attribute the park houses is the Fountain Formation, which is a layer of sediment mainly found in Colorado that is between 290 and 340 million years old! And it’s got to be significant, because there is even a plaque for it. Can any geologists confirm?

It was very hot the day we visited the amphitheater. Thinking that there wouldn’t be many people there since it was a Monday morning, we pulled in to the parking area upon arrival and realized we were wrong. Red Rocks is a popular park and tourist destination, so expect there to be lots of people, whether or not you are there for a show. We arrived late morning and were able to find parallel parking near the amphitheater, and there is also a big parking lot for event days.

The amphitheater itself is stunning, something I never pictured myself saying about an amphitheater. The walls of rock rise up on either side of you, and you can see the Denver skyline in the distance beyond the stage. Down some stairs, you will also find a museum and hall of fame. I enjoyed walking through the hall of fame and finding some big names (and some of my favorite bands) listed next to the dates they played at Red Rocks. Red Rocks is truly a unique place, and maybe one day I will be back in Denver in the summer months and catch a show!

Overall, Colorado seems to me to be a pretty neat place. I enjoyed my short weekend stay in Denver, and I wouldn’t mind returning one day, either to Denver or to explore other parts of this state. But for now, we will progress onto other adventures! Next week, I will be sharing with you one of my all-time favorite places in the world, and I also recently returned from the Pacific Northwest and will be talking about all things Portland in June! If you missed any of my Colorado adventures, I talked about Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park. See you next Monday! Thank you very much!

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