Hello, and welcome to my first ever blog post. EVER. A few months ago when I planned to start this blog, I figured that in my first post I would introduce myself and my motive for writing. I thought I might show you around my hometown of Atlanta (read metro Atlanta—who really lives IN the city?) and maybe talk about some of my favorite spots here. I would surf back through the many photos I have taken over the years at Kennesaw Mountain and share a few. Or maybe I would revisit Atlanta’s Food Truck Park or my favorite restaurants, and write about that.
I had a plan. Sort of.

Unfortunately, as with all aspects of life, plans go awry. And in an effort to keep my brand new corner of the internet as honest and real as possible, I have an obligation to tell you that the plan has changed, and I am not actually sure what the new plan is. You see, I didn’t intentionally put myself in this predicament. A few different avenues of my life have all come to a screeching and abrupt halt at the same time, and I don’t have the capacity within myself to hold it all together.

So I’m not going to try.

Peace out, petty drama and unnecessary stress, I’m done with you! Bigger things have moved in, so your rent is up! Goodbye, all the places that bring back bitter memories! I’ll be seeing you never! Things are changing in my life and I haven’t yet determined if it will be for the better. Of course I hope it will, but it’s hard to predict the unknown.

All that being said, here I am. It feels less comfortable introducing you to me, with my new collapsed sense of self, than I had originally hoped. Maybe this blog will become an outlet for self-discovery as much as it is for my travels. As I write this, I have just written my resignation notice for a job at which I am unhappy. A relationship that I prematurely deemed successful has been broken into pieces. I am at a crossroads, and together, we will see where it goes. It almost seems silly to ask about my “next move” when this is your very first time meeting me. Everything that culminated into this moment is now gone, though, and so my first move henceforth will most likely determine a new direction for my life. It sounds really scary.

As far as traveling is concerned, I will be leaving in a few days to visit a friend in Portland, Oregon, and I recently traveled to Denver, Colorado, which you can read about next week! It’s going to be a tough story to tell, what with my recent developments, but bear with me, because Denver was a beautiful place. I also have been hiking around my home state of Georgia, and I will be talking about some of the truly inspiring parks that I’ve got right in my backyard in the upcoming weeks.

Please stick around and get to know me, and I would love to get to know you!

16 thoughts on “What’s My Next Move?

  1. Michelle! Beautiful writing! You left me wanting to read more! Brava! Can’t wait for the next one- you got one devoted follower! ❤️

  2. Michelle! So this is what your heart looks like in the form of a blog! So proud of you and I can’t wait to see everything you share on here ❤️

  3. I love your honesty, Michelle! I am looking forward to watching you grow through your writing. I love you dearly!

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